Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wishful thinking...

Today is bizarre.
Not much work to do today, so I walked down to the waterfront, sat and watched
the trillions of little fishing boats troll the Columbia river. Hundreds of bastards kicking back, drinking beer,
hauling no doubt malformed, stinky fish out of the polluted waters with gusto. I envied them.
Planes were constantly coming and going from PDX airport.
Everytime a departing plane would fly over the river, I would try to will
one of the avionics cables or jets to malfunction so I could watch the flaming wreckage
crash into the I-5 bridge. I used to try to move matchbooks when I was younger.
This didn't work either. I had no malice or ill will toward anyone on the plane or bridge, it was just a moment of morbidity. It was similar to when you ponder for a split-second, turning your car into the oncoming lane to collide headfirst in a flaming death with whoever is unfortunate enough to be closest.

Then I started feeling horrible because I realized that if the plane had exploded and crashed into the bridge,
it would have been my doing... unless it was a bit of clairvoyance that is.
Then, I saw a Mallard Duck and it's mate, slowly padding along the beach, letting the water wash over their feet. They were watching the fishermen with innocent interest.
That was kinda nice.
Then I went back to work. "WAH-WAHHHHHH!"

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