Sunday, March 16, 2008

The way of things...

It occurs to me that on the whole, the new cancer will be nanotechnology.
At first, like metal, like plastic, like gold, like oil, like uranium, it will be the answer to every problem.
Nanomeds, NanoStims, NanoTranqs, NanoGens, NanoHair, NanoTeeth, NanoFlesh, NanoMetabolisms, NanoAcid NanoDemo, NanoVirus, NanoPet, NanoBlood...
In a minimum of 20 years, every aspect of the modern world will be forever altered by the all-encompassing and irrevocable force of Nanotechnology.
Every function of modern life will be affected.
Military, Societal, Medical, Academic, Scientific, Law Enforcement, Luxury, Tourism, Recreational drug use, Sports Enhancement, Construction, Production, Transport, Aerospace Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Civil Engineering.
As certain elements become more scarce and sought after, structure, rather than
substance is likely to become more important.

The future is small, invisible to the naked eye, and smart with a vast memory and far reaching feelers. Ever reaching, adapting, with a small stomach, voracious hunger and a long life.

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