Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Lately I've been questioning whether I'm a real person or not.
Everything seems sort of misty and half-formed, driving feels like a video game.
My anger has been severely disproportionate and quick to flare lately.
If someone just goes around me on the highway, I take it personally and immediately
want to bash their face in, regardless of who they are.
I think perhaps I will one day die at the hands of some idiot in a car I've yelled at or
flipped off.
Not sure what's causing it, recent indulgent habits? brain chemistry slowly eroding and
breaking down, thrown off balance.
I'm not depressed or anything, but it just seems like the world is coming right up to the edge of the end.
Maybe I'm projecting, then again there are, at present, any number of ways that the end could be triggered.
I for one, welcome it. We live in interesting times, life is cheap, gas is expensive, violence persists and at greater
frequency than ever before.
Every institution is slowly breaking down, losing efficiency.

At least the end won't be boring. We're lucky to live in the omega of humanity.
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