Monday, March 17, 2008

Pets are the first wave...

They live among us, sleep next to us, map our homes, watch everything we do.
Assessing behavior, testing tolerances and weaknesses.
Goddamn near every home has a pet or 4.
I love the shit out of mine, but I swear, their little Nikon eyes are
cataloguing every stupid thing I do. Probably streaming it across the universe
to some laughing alien culture as "alien reality tv"
Can you think of a better way to gain complete control of the human race slowly, without messy initial warfare?
They would know every detail of our lives. They wouldn't all be alien agenst mind you, just some. A million or so, in choice households and demographics, forever observing and cataloging. Perhaps some sort of Doppelganger hybrid alien that can take on common pet forms.

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