Sunday, July 1, 2007

How I feel on occasion...

A fairly typical Sunday actually...

This is a photoshop I did today out of boredom and gasp! a smidge of inspiration. A
rarity these days.

Anyhow, I used a tripod and my canon digital rebel xti, set up a chair in the ole backyard, and took a bunch of photos with props and my head leaning to both sides.
First pic is one of the right leaning originals.

Then i added a chunk of left torso and head from another photo.
The piece i added had a lame head, not crazy enough, so i took a head with a wackier expression from a third photo and pieced it in.

I had to be a bit resourceful masking some bits that had an arm in them.
I took bits of greenery from another pic that had higher detail and fit then in between the crook of my arm and the chair, and also between the chair's arm and the body of the chair.

Next, I had to alter the shirt and it's image to look like it was actually made to be worn by a two headed individual.

After everything was in place, i used warp on individual bits to get them where i wanted them, normalized lots of the color and lighting differences, and edite the image's color, shadow/highlight and contrast to make it more dynamic.

All in all it took me about three hours, used bits from 5 different photos.
This webres version posted here doesnt really show the detail and realism I was going for, but it turned out pretty sweet.

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