Sunday, June 10, 2007


If you don't know tonight was the last sopranos, then what the fuck do you care if it was spoiled? eh?
I just didn't want erin to see this...
anyhow. sort of a non-ending.
You really have to appreciate the genius of David chase.
How do you satisfy the raging curiosity of the entire civilized world?
Give them multiple possibilities, lots of fast cuts and NO CONCLUSION.
Chase did about as good as any human is cognitively capable given the circumstances.
Ah well,... at least i Still have Curb your enthusiasm, The Wire and The shield to look forward to.
If the Antichrist shows up, he'll have to get in line behind those shows and my bills before I realize he's arrived.

Replace this whore with yourself as a viewing nation and you'll begin to get some idea of who got fucked tonight.
Seriously tho, I love the show and this was a genius conclusion if not the one everyone wanted to see.

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