Sunday, July 8, 2007


Another weekend and another photoshop.
Hopefully I can keep this streak going. Probably not, but whatever. It's fun when it happens.

I've had this clump of ginger on top of my fridge for a few months now.
I went to throw it away a week ago and noticed that not only was it not dead, it had sprouted a bright green, scallion like appendage.
The creepy part was, a gaping hole that looked eerily like a mouth ala "The scream" had appeared on one end. Not only that, but the area where the hole appeared was very much head-shaped, and some of the natural wrinkles and contours of the ginger's skin formed what looked remarkably close to mummified facial features.
The energy it used to form the bright green appendage must have shriveled the end, causing the hole.

I figured it was ideal for photoshopping because it really looked like a little mutated humanoid on it's own, so i took lots of pictures yesterday when the sun was accessible.
I also took several face pics in the same session.
Then today, I took several pics of my hands in various poses, trying to keep a similiar lightsource.
It was pretty damned hard because i would have to get the distance and lighting right so it would be in focus, then hit the timer and hurry up and get in whatever pose.

After i had all the source pics i needed, I cut out a face I liked, blended it and made sure it fit over the existing natural face, changed the hue a bit to match the green spire, and edited here and there to let the background come thru to make it more "natural" looking heh.

Then, I selected a few hands and made them match the face's new growth coloring.
This project took about 5 hours total and Im still not sure I'm done with it.
I tried to make it look as natural as possible, but there are many different pieces and light sources... also, it's completely UNNATURAL.
I mean, its a goddamned Ginger-man.
I'm not sure if i like the color, or black and white version yet. I'll post them both.

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