Friday, June 8, 2007


Went to the coast this week. Probably the best time I've had in a decade.
The weather was supposed to be shitty, but Erin and I just wanted to go for the sake of going. It turned out gorgeous. Not idyllic sunny weather the whole time, but really high contrast, violently beautiful clouds and color combos.
It was like being on the gleaming edge of the birth of creation. Very primordial and organic.

We took 1042 photos total before the batteries ran out.
First we stayed in Seaside and took a shitload, then the next day we found a fucking amazing spot called Ecola Point. The name caught our attention because it sounds like a cross between Ebola and E-coli.

Made some quick found object art with dead sandbugs and crab carcasses.
There was also a rad slime waterfall with the most incredible bright green and dark olive slime dripping and pouring down the trail to the point.
The second half of the trail we had to rapel down.
All in all two of the best days of my life.
Here are some pics I just edited and sized.


Anonymous said...

They were 2 of the bestest days in my life, too. I'm grateful I was there to share it with you.


ninaKay said...

Not that I ever questioned your artistic taste, mister, but the crab remnants photo is quite stellar.