Thursday, May 31, 2007


My love affair with creatures, in particular, cephalopods, continues and is likely never to end.
I would Kill someone to be able to express my frustration, lust, rage and occasional happiness with the aid of a chromatophoric lightshow at will.
Saw a rad show about cephalopods on the science channel tonight.

2. Pizzas are too fucking expensive. Even when they have a special, its 20 bucks at least with tip.

3. Im going to be very bummed when sopranos is over. The curbing was enough to give me a hardon and now there are only two eps left.

4. This new apt rules in hot weather. hot damn i love high ceilings.

5. I'm fairly drunk after one straight vodka. Exercising during the day in the hot sun = drunk in one drink.


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