Saturday, May 26, 2007


Found this on my old computer today.
I need to finish it. I wrote it to inspire a drawing or two. No such luck yet!

something large shambled sidelong from the stinking, sulphurous pits.
Legion and twitching, deformed limbs.Slowly and perpetually forming, tearing and absorbing imperfect tendons,
muscles and bones.
Hooves cloven and forked, avian talons, fleshy digits, equine, porcine, canine, tentacled members...
blobbish protuberances fitted with sucking snail tracks and needle sharp translucent teeth.
It was a hideous thing to behold.

There were sagging, bladder sacs leaking foul gasses, a large, semi-transparent, sectioned tube that
ended in what resembled an ovipositor or distended bowel. I shuddered to think what godforsaken offspring
this horror might spawn.
The whole of the thing was covered in mottled, distressed flesh. It had a sickly, greenish cast making it appear to be
be decomposing in places, and peppered with weeping sores and obscene, yawning mouths, dripping ichorous slop in a
pool of foetor that burned into the ground. There were patches of coarse, spotty, unhealthy hair and what looked
like ragged, fibrous scales or spikes.

A thousand eyes of every imaginable zoological origin spread over its bulk
and burned outward with malevolent intensity and a seemingly ageless primordial wisdom.
They were spread wide open like the eyes of the terminally insane. Pupils, where visible, gaping and closing
to pinpricks of pure chaos and inscendiary hatred.

I gasped and the eyes locked on me at once, their horrifying gaze making my clammy skin crawl in revolt.
The mouths began to utter gibberish, perhaps curses, oaths, prayers to unspeakable dark dieties, innate blasphemies.
The frenzied gibbering chewed at my sanity.

Then the limbs began to shudder and propel the beast toward me in an awkward ambulatory shuffle.
It was like watching all the horror of sicknkess and mutation coming at me on the legs of a centipede..
That is if those legs were of all different shapes, sizes and species.
It would have been almost laughable if it was something seen in a movie, and not
the most godawful thing i had ever seen in the flesh.

As it moved, mouths simultaneously cursing, vomiting and gnashing ghastly teeth,
I heard a nauseating symphony of cracking bones, creaking sinews and abscesses swelling and bursting in wet "pops"
and "splatters".
Nameless organs ruptured and skin split with the effort of movement, only to heal and rapidly glaze over with a
sickening gossamer pink coating.

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