Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fuck Nowadays Halloween.

You know what? I don't fucking like Halloween. I realize that may be a shock because I like horror movies, demons, jackolanterns, bats, etc.. First off.. I don't like children. I don't buy candy, I don't answer the door, I don't wear costumes. The last costume I wore was a Terminator costume in grade school. I think Halloween caters to the whole "LOOK AT MEE!!!!" mentality that is already an everyday mode for too many people in the first place. I also hate how it has become so mainstream.. and like fireworks, which I also hate.. it's a way for society to make death and evil "safe" and "fun".. in effect, to try to downplay or nullify the severity and serious nature of those things so it's fun for the whole family. FUCK that shit. This mentality has gotten so out of hand that there are zombie proms and group zombie walks now.. dumbest fucking thing ever. When you nerf something extreme down over decades.. it loses all it's allure and significance and becomes boring, predictable and milktoast like every other goddamned thing. I dunno.. I've almost always hated all holidays anyhow.. maybe because they have all become commercialized. You always have to buy something.. candy, turkey, presents, flowers, chocolates, etc.. and the only tradition being honored truthfully at this point is that corporations get paid every year. The whole phenomenon makes me fucking ill. Like I said, I LOVE horror movies and dark subject matter, but I don't enjoy what society has done with those things I guess. Meh, maybe I'm just a miserable old bastard. Maybe?

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unit-1978 said...

Holy shit man good to see you back man. Yep they had a party at work and I didnt dress up and everyones like your Mr. Horror I bet its your favorite holiday. I just said no thanks the fact that you all do this shit makes me not care about it at all. People in general I hate pretty much. Again good to see you writing again man.