Friday, July 13, 2012

1:07AM musing

There are few things more satisfying in this world than dialing in a high end piece of machinery to your perceived level of perfection.. It's about as close to perfect as anything that does not occur naturally can possibly get.


unit-1978 said...

Hey man you still around? I read some of your last entry but it either got deleted you took it down. Im a big fan of your writing and of course your music. Not to sound all gay and shit, but id like to stay in contact.
Im sure your a busy dude, so I dont like to be a bother, but again hope everythings good man. Maybe i'll hear from you maybe I wont.

nanoscum said...

what's up dude? Yeah I don't get on here much lately, but I'm gonna write more. Yeah I can't remember what my last one I deleted was, but that's one of my habits haha. Anyhow, hope all is well with you and take care.