Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Question... how many "Postmen" went to see "THE POSTMAN"?
I'm thinking quite a few.
I watched it again last night because i liked it when i saw it ages ago, and I'm an unashamed "WATERWORLD" fan.
Hell, you can't go wrong with a movie that includes a huge vat of enzymes and putrid green sludge that people are "recycled" in when they croak it.
My love affair with sci-fi is pretty tolerant I guess. I'll watch 99% of sci-fi movies.
Anyhow, yeah, The Postman is fucking horrid.
See the scene where he gets a running start on a horse, charges past a small child and snatches a letter out of his hand.
In what scenario would that be a good idea? I mean I don't give a shit about the kid, but that's just unsafe.
You can't build a post-apocalyptic mailman-god figure by possibly running down a child holding a letter out.
Yeah, that's all i got.... back to work, I guess.
Love, Me.

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Theodore Zeck said...

Why is he even going so fast? He turned around to go back for the letter, so he has to turn around again...unless he needed the pose for the statue.