Wednesday, August 15, 2007


On the drive home from my shitty job, near my home, i was behind a fat, chevy SUV.
There was a bumper sticker on the back that said "GET OFF THE CELL PHONE AND CONCENTRATE ON BEING A SHITTY DRIVER."
I chortled... something i haven't done concerning a bumper sticker since "I SODOMIZED YOUR HONOR ROLL STUDENT." back in 94 or so.
Anyhow, as i drive past this person who made me chortle, the person who dropped this amusing nugget in my path, I glance in the driver's side window.
It's some dumb, kid-shitting, mouth breather, typical beast of a NW mom, ON A CELL PHONE.
I wish i could take my chortle back and reconstitute it into phlegm, so I could hawk it right on the bumper sticker, or better yet, in her face, causing her to yelp in disgust.
This is me after I get off work. Enjoy!

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