Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last night's nightmare..

Man, What the FUCK?!
The whole thing revolved around a mother and her little boy, aged 4 or 5.
He was a special needs kid, and they were constantly going to stores, arcades, kiddie places..
At first it was all fine and dandy, he was a pain in the ass constantly, but she was tolerant and loving. As the nightmare progressed, he started to get more annoying and out of hand. They went sightseeing at this pacific northwest nexus of forest realities. The vortices for each dimension were called "Glasspaws" and when you walked through them, you were in a different forested area that looked like any one of a thousand larger than life postcard scenes.
At the end of the nightmare, they came home from one such outing. The kid was screaming and being the most annoying he possibly could. The mother looked frazzled and disheveled. Her nerves were clearly fried at this point, and she was pulling hair out by the tens of strands. She had picked, scratched and pinched several sores onto her arms and around her lips.
Suddenly, she grabbed the boy by the legs, dashed his head against the corner of the hallway. He screamed the most godawful combination of human child and unknown tortured animal I have ever heard. After 3 or 4 good massive blows, he was quiet. She was raving, talking gibberish and half crying intermittently. She held his ruined, bloody head to her face and started kissing it and licking the oozing brain matter out from the ruptured skull and matted, displaced hair.
Then she started to dig in to the mess with her teeth, chewing and swallowing chunks of her son's brain, scalp and hair.. crying and keening in a horrible high pitch.
The boy seemed to wake up then.. he said "I love you mommy" "I love you mommy" over and over again like a broken talking doll whose sound chip is damaged and doesn't sound quite right..
the loop abnormal and altering in pitch and timing. She was crying hysterically then, but she didn't stop eating.
That's when I woke up. Took me damned near an hour to get back to sleep.

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unit-1978 said...

Damn man that is a crazy dream. Pretty vivid.