Friday, August 15, 2008

M.P.D. by choice

I've made the personal decision to spawn multiple personalities.
Yes, I'm going to accomplish this on will alone... mostly.

I don't have enough faces for each and every fucker in this world. Nowhere near enough smiles, real or conjured to get by.
And remember, even though I'll have multiple faces, I still have the same amount of money, so don't get any idears.
Sometimes, when a business goes tits up, hey, that's the fuckin' way she goes.
No one likes it, but sometimes you have to bear the brunt with shareholders and such.. There are quite a few interesting people fighting over the puppet strings as I type this, let me tell you. Perhaps most would be tolerable, polite even.
However, I trust there are at least a few bastards in there who would do things I've never even imagined. ME me that is.
There's too much work here to be done for one Dave.. what year is this? 1984?!
Someone has to step up and delegate, and I guess that someone is me.
So, if you have the great displeasure to know me or of me, stay on your guard...
because you never know what you're going to get. One second we might be enjoying a scintillating, intellectual conversation and I'm my usual, meek, quiet self.. A dog barks and the next instant, I'm a raving, homicidal, tear-you-to-the-fucking-bone, mindless ape of human battery.

Then again I could be a 3 year old girl who wets the bed, who the fuck knows?

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