Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Got the new lens today, Tamron 90mm macro that does 1:1 finally!
I wanted the Mack daddy, the MPE-65 Canon macro, but that would have cost almost 3 times as much, and would have been next to useless without a good ring flash... which is another 3-5 hundred frogskins.

Anyhow, just did a quick test to make sure I didn't get ripped off.
I realize the shots are two different colors, but my finger was the cause.
The first shot is of text on my gas meter. I'm particularly impressed by the detail on that lump of schmutz above the word.
In the next pic, I put the tip of my pointer finger underneath just to illustrate size and reference. It blew the light balance way off, but it's a good indicator for detail.

I realize now that I need a FAR more stable tripod... no pun intended.


UNIT-1978 said...

Hey Dave, I just picked up that same lense. Its well worth the price. Look foward to seeing some cool photos man.

nanoplague said...

Yeah I'm loving this thing so far.