Monday, December 24, 2007


Well, my Myspace page appears to be inacessible.
I emailed their "techs" repeatedly and got only standard faq bullshit that
doesn't even apply, and a slew of automated, useless responses.
If anyone is trying to contact me there and got no replies, that's why!
Just as well.. I wasn't updating it regularly and I haven't gone there much lately.
I guess I'll just blog here when I have thoughts or lack thereof.
Feels much more "off the grid" anyhow, I reckon.
Because I don't like to make blogs without pics, here is some dragonfruit I chewed up and spit in the sink. That is the actual color, honest to god.
Reminds me of a 90's pop-grunge cd cover.


UNIT-1978 said...

yo Dave, I was wondering what happened man. I tried to tell you about the new years show with Fedor fighting. I think its free on HDnet. Anwyays your blog is awsome man.

nanoplague said...

Nice! definitely would be good to see Fedor destroy someone on New years!
Thanks for the comment and the kind words.