Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ainsworth trail in the gorge

Went hiking yesterday. everyone and their malingering uncle was out and about. The only place i could find to park was near a campground and trailhead called Ainsworth. It was the first time I'd hiked it and it turned out to be really cool. Not as hard as Wahkeenah Falls, more gradual. There was a rad falls with a cave under it that was really neat. Later there was a slim bridge over a falls-fed grotto. I got some cool shots below. The mushroom turned out awesome. it was just one of those opportune moments. I didnt see many insects unfortunately, but I dont have the pimp macro lens i was planning on getting anyhow. Got the mac instead and I think it was a better decision. These shots are webres. The actual shots are huge 10.2 megapixel quality.

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