Friday, October 12, 2018

Omnipresent thought process

The true curse of sentience and sapience is not seeing or witnessing the horrors of our world.. it comes from the same dynamics that make it a blessing... Understanding. Comprehension. Discovery. Experimentation. Manipulation. Regret. Trial and error...The very first lessons. 

Seeing that all we have learned, will always be incomplete.. Insufficient to our current needs... That we indeed, create many of our own horrors and problems, even as we seek to solve them. That is the curse, but it can be broken.

Learning to fall and get back up again, in perpetuity, while continuing to learn new information is the timeless goal. The key word is “Learning”. Not “gaining” or “acquiring”.

Learning, then remembering, comparing/contrasting, categorizing and optimizing.. prognostication, simulations, consultation of updated data.. ideally.

Think of the past, present and future, and how they relate, or could relate to you and those things and people in your sphere of influence simultaneously, and act and plan accordingly.

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